No-fee schools

An education makes a difference for the rest of your life. For us in the Western world being educated is a matter of course, yet when you are born in one of the so called townships in South Africa, you are most probably dependent on a so called no fee school (provicing education for free). These schools are selected by the government. Granting this status depends on the economic condions of the community in which the school is active. The government invests less and less in these schools, hence there is often no money for school materials and IT facilities. Too often these schools are characterized by high drop-out rates, crowded classrooms and low success rates. A child living in a township can therefor go to school for free,, yet the right resources are often not available. So even if you really want to learn, you will still have a disadvantae compared with perrs in the schools where the parents pay a contribution to the school costs.

Award your computer with a second life and give the less fortunate people a chance.

Computers for Africa

Computers for Africa would like to ofer the children of the no-fee schools a fair chance, and is committed to giving second-hand computers and tablets another life. We are determined to supply high quality computers with internet connection. We ensure that the teachers are trained, in order for them to make good use of the possibilities. But like any other charitable organization, we cannot do it on our own. We need money from donors to collect the computers, store them, whip out data, ship them and provide them with the right software.
In Sout Africca partners such as the Bitou 10 Foundation, the KILT Foundation and the schools in the Western Cape area themselves are responsible for the fair distribution and installation of the computers and the training for the teachers.
In the Netherlands you can help by donating money and computers. Toghether we enrich the lives of the children at the no-fee schools and limit their disadvantage to peers at the private schools.

Every human being should be online


We collect free of charge surplus computers (including screens), tablets and laptops from schools, businesses and other organizations

If that is not done by the organization that donates, we erase the data on every hard-drive

We pack up the equipment to prevent damage during shipment

We make sure the hardware is stored securely before shipping

When there are enough computers in store we make arrangements for shipping them to South Africa

We are in contact with local partners concerning the refurbishing and installation of educative software on the PC’s

With local partners we will ensure the computers will arrive at the place of destiny and that they are installed

We provide that teachers are trained, and computers will be fixed or replaced